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Synthetic Environments

High level of realism and visualization of immersion into the environment being simulated.

Natural Environments

Geographic Information System (GIS) modeling and geospatial terrain database generation which effectively relates seemingly unrelated data and helps individuals and organizations better understand spatial patterns and relationships.​

Dynamic Terrain: Represents high-resolution terrain changes, distribution of terrain changes and soil attribution.

Weather Conditions and Effects: Global weather state modeled and distributed (i.e. precipitation, temp, wind, fog).

Human-made Environments

Above Ground: Includes representations for civilian
infrastructure components such as traffic control, power, and

Underground: Models structures such as subways, sewer
systems, and other underground elements which frequently
affect operations in urban and asymmetric warfare.

Psychological Environments

Computer Generated Forces (CGF) and Pattern of Life (PoL) behavioral modeling.

Crowd and vehicle traffic modeling that represent typical activities of urban life.

Visualization & 3D Models

Veritas Tool: Provides a 2D/3D visualization capability of simulation events based on DIS or SE Core’s VDIS network traffic.

3D Models: Includes 3D visual models of characters, weapons, vehicle shells/interiors, environments, and objects.

Product/Services Available

  • OneSAF and JLCCTC program management, design, integration (i.e. ERC, MCS) and extension development.

  • Terrain database (SE Core and other formats) integration and testing with constructive simulations.

  • PoL urban simulation (Vulgus) to include crowd and traffic modeling and effects.

  • Licensed Mundus Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate with simulation/game engine plug-ins and development of additional dynamic terrain and weather effects to meet customer needs.

  • Cerberus, a server-based application that provides current and future simulation systems the functionality to support underground environments.