Synthetic Environments


  • High level of realism and visualization of immersion into the environment being simulated.

  • OneSAF and JLCCTC program management, design, integration (i.e. ERC, MCS) and extension development.

  • Terrain database (SE Core and other formats) integration and testing with constructive simulations.

  • PoL urban simulation (Vulgus) to include crowd and traffic modeling and effects.

  • Licensed Mundus Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate with simulation/game engine plug-ins and development of additional dynamic terrain and weather effects to meet customer needs.

  • Cerberus, a server-based application that provides current and future simulation systems the functionality to support underground environments.


  • Natural Environments

    Geographic Information System (GIS) modeling and geospatial terrain database generation which effectively relates seemingly unrelated data and helps individuals and organizations better understand spatial patterns and relationships.​

    Dynamic Terrain: Represents high-resolution terrain changes, distribution of terrain changes and soil attribution.

    Weather Conditions and Effects: Global weather state modeled and distributed (i.e. precipitation, temp, wind, fog).

  • Human-made Environments

    Above Ground: Includes representations for civilian
    infrastructure components such as traffic control, power, and

    Underground: Models structures such as subways, sewer
    systems, and other underground elements which frequently
    affect operations in urban and asymmetric warfare.

  • Psychological Environments

    Computer Generated Forces (CGF) and Pattern of Life (PoL) behavioral modeling.

    Crowd and vehicle traffic modeling that represent typical activities of urban life.

  • Visualization & 3D Models

    Veritas Tool: Provides a 2D/3D visualization capability of simulation events based on DIS or SE Core’s VDIS network traffic.

    3D Models: Includes 3D visual models of characters, weapons, vehicle shells/interiors, environments, and objects.


  • Visualization_Buttons.jpg

    2D/3D Visualization

  • 3D_Modeling_Button.jpg

    3D Modeling

  • CGF_PoL_Buttons.jpg

    Computer Generated Forces &

    Pattern of Life

  • GIS_Button.jpg

    Geographic Information System (GIS) &

    Geospatial Terrain Database

  • Megacities_Urban_Button.jpg

    Megacities & Dense Urban Area Modeling

  • DT_Weather_Button.jpg

    Dynamic Terrain & Weather Modeling


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