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3D Modeling and Animation

  • Dignitas' Visual Effects group develops 3D models including terrain, equipment, vehicles, weapons, and characters.  

  • Models are developed to simulate real-world objects and environments in a gaming engine where students can safely and cost effectively perform weapons tests, equipment repair procedures, remove and replace procedures, medical procedures, or simply view animations without having to shutdown real-world systems or when real-world locations and equipment are not readily available.  

  • Our highest detail 3D models have the resolution and articulated components necessary to visualize accurate digital twin models.  

  • Dignitas employs a cost-effective 3D model development process which begins with understanding customer and user requirements, the generation of models in all levels of fidelity, and testing of exported models in the target gaming engine.  

  • Our products can be used for applications on PCs and mobile devices, and used in conjunction with touchscreen displays and VR headsets.   




Fully customizable 3D models tailored to meet the needs of the customer



Game-ready and high-fidelity models created to mimic real-life objects



3D Models provided in various formats for a wide range of visual systems


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