Geospatial Data & Terrain Database Generation  


  • End-to-end terrain database generation, including specialized models and complex derived formats

  • Geospatial database testing tool (C-nergy)

  • Terrain database integration

  • Synthetic natural environment experts can evaluate your datasets and provide expert feedback on cross-format (or version) comparisons, database quality, etc.

  • Detect errors early, reduce errors, and increase confidence in datasets

  • Get C-nergy through U.S. Government Distribution Agreement or as a tool purchased directly from Dignitas



Advanced database generation techniques and testing toolsets ensure geometric correlation


Procedural generation of complex content and can occur at runtime and as needed

Reduced Cost

Automation and advanced toolsets ensure rapid, cost-effective terrain databases tuned to your application's needs


  • End-to-end Terrain Database Generation

    • Database generation from source identification to runtime database testing

    • Specialized knowledge of runtime formats

    • Expert integration into runtime environments

    • Key subcontractor on SE Core (Army) and F35 DB (AF) programs

  • Complex Source Data Processing

    • Generate Synthetic imagery from vector source

    • LIDAR processing

    • Imagery analysis

  • Procedural Generation

    • Research efforts to generate geotypical data where top-down sensors can’t see

    • Generate subways or sewers

    • Detailed geometry through voxels

    • Integration with game engines


  • Advanced M&S Terrain Databases

    • Key contributor to U.S. Army Synthetic Environment (SE) Core database generation for major M&S applications

    • Key contributor to Air Force Joint Striker Fighter (JSF/F35) database generation

    • Research and development support for U.S. Army OneWorld Terrain

    • GIS/Image Analysts DB Engineers, 3D modelers, toolset developers

  • Automated Tests

    • Select tests based upon use case and need, such as misaligned linear or elevation difference

    • Detailed analysis and comparison of geospatial data

    • Rapidly view results and areas of concern

    • Learn more

  • Inspections & Analysis

    • Inspect geospatial datasets in debug mode

    • Rapidly view differences between datasets via:

      • side-by-side mode

      • overlaid mode (with one in wireframe)


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