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GIS Modeling & Geospatial Terrain Databases

Relating seemingly unrelated data and helping individuals and organizations better understand spatial patterns and relationships.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Modeling

  • Provides more deterministic, efficient and rapid production pipeline process to a program. 

  • Domain specific art asset construction. 

  • Vector source standardization and MDB population.

  • Night Imagery generation. 

  • Material Classified Imagery production. 

  • LIDAR, DTM and DSM processing. 

  • DRLMS (Digital Radar Land Mass Simulator)/SAR map generation. 

  • Procedural model generation including model complexing, texture compositing and terrain integration.


​The Correlation Synergy (C-nergy) Toolset provides the ability to conduct automated and interactive testing of data integrity and correlation between modeling and simulation geospatial datasets. It is a test tool framework that provides a user-friendly environment for manual inspection and automated testing of databases. C-nergy allows developers to add new database formats, new tests, and to readily import or export test results for integration with other systems and toolsets.

Inspections & Analysis

C-nergy runs on both Windows and Linux 32/64 bit processors. The tool supports inspection via two formats: side-by-side (with linked camera view) or overlaid mode (where one is wireframe) to allow differences in datasets to be visually apparent.


  • Supports side-by-side and overlaid viewing modes

  • Supports automated tests, such as finding misaligned intersections or identifying “wall of china” linears

  • Supports Format Independent Test Results (FITR), a data exchange format, which allows test and viewing tools to exchange test results. For example, test results from C-nergy can be viewed on the OneSAF PVD.

  • Includes the Moving Model Tester (MMT) to compare dimensions of visual models against OneSAF

  • Supports OpenFLT, OTF, and OneSAF obstacle avoidance databases

Product/Services Available

  • GIS Modeling.

  • Geospatial terrain database generation – multiple formats.

  • Environmental Data Model (EDM) representation.

  • Terrain database integration and testing with simulation systems.