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Megacities & Dense Urban Area Modeling

Simulating interactions between human and physical systems and leverage innovative sources of information and big data analytics

Above Ground Environments

Efficiently models crowd and vehicle traffic that represent typical activities of urban life. Balances realism and resource utilization.

Includes representations for civilian infrastructure components such as traffic control, power, and communications.

Enables Cyber Warfare simulations with attacks on Civilian Infrastructure and the cascading effects.

Underground Environments

Our solutions consider aspects of the entire pipeline for underground representations, spanning from source data collection through to behaviors. Developing simulation engine-agnostic processes and algorithms to procedurally generate game-quality subway networks.

Using cutting-edge voxel technology for the representation of volumetric environments. Developing advanced Artificial Intelligence behaviors to navigate subterranean networks, including mounting subway trains.

SNE as a Service (SNEaaS)

Provides a set of SNE services to support modeling, simulation, and training use cases.

Correlated and composable services discoverable and executable by SNE system of systems.

Product/Services Available

  • Cerberus is a server-based application that provides current and future simulation systems the functionality to support underground environments.

  • PoL urban simulation (Vulgus) to include crowd and traffic modeling and effects.