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Core Competencies

Synthetic Environments: Megacities / Dense Urban Environment and Geographic Information System modeling.
Geospatial database generation, 3D visual models, and 2D/3D visualization tool. Computer Generated Forces & Pattern
of Life entities, and aggregate level solutions. Physics-based dynamic terrain and weather representation.

Mixed Reality for Training and Mission Rehearsal: Portable, low cost virtual and augmented reality simulators integrating different input modalities. Training and mission rehearsal applications. Mobile simulation apps for iOS and Android.


Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Adaptive Learning: ML/AI capabilities in computer vision and image processing, action recognition and still images. Data mining and discovery. Mature, adaptable intelligent tutoring system interoperable with various simulation and training applications. Courseware development includes analysis and development of material for instructor led classes and self directed interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) 1-4.

Cyber TrainingCyber Training solutions for both Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming (LVCG) and cyber range.

LVCG Interoperability: Interoperable solutions between LVCG training environments and Mission Command Systems. LVCG terrain database correlation.

Information Services: Information technology systems integration and infrastructure connectivity. Virtualization, cloud computing, and data center support. Network optimization and help desk operations. Cyber security protection and cyber range operations. Work from home solutions.



Small business innovation, speed, and flexibility combined with experienced leadership and competitive rates.

CMMI Level 3 appraised processes, agile DevOps practices, and Fortune 500 management experience.


Key successes in both research and production programs, facilitating research to production technology transition.


Proficient with the development and management of large complex training systems and architectures.

Past Performance Highlights

Contract vehicle types Fixed Price, Cost Plus, T&M, OTAs,BAAs, SBIRs (Commercialization Achievement Index of 95%). 

Army CCTT, AVCATT, CDT, JLCCTC, OneSAF , SE Core, CPM Next, LVC IA, DIL, Gunnery Training Systems

Air Force F35


Navy LCS, ERDE, MRTS, ACTS, Navy Surface Curriculum Modernization

Marines Electronic & Communication Svc (ECS)

Analysing the Numbers
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