Core Competencies

  • Synthetic Environments: Megacities / Dense Urban Environment and Geographic Information System modeling.
    Geospatial database generation, 3D visual models and 2D/3D visualization tool. Computer Generated Forces & Pattern
    of Life entity and aggregate level solutions. Physics-based dynamic terrain and weather representation.

  • Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Mature, adaptable intelligent tutoring system (ITS) interoperable with various simulation and training applications. Includes a web-based architecture framework with over 1500 users.

  • Cyber TrainingCyber Training solutions for both LVCG and cyber range training.

  • LVCG Interoperability: Interoperable solutions between Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LVCG) training environments and Mission Command Systems. LVCG terrain database correlation.

  • IT Services: Information Technology (IT) systems integration and infrastructure connectivity. Virtualization, cloud computing, and data center support. Network optimization and cybersecurity protection.

  • Courseware Development: Analysis and development of material for instructor-led classes and self-directed interactive multimedia instruction (IMI). Includes eLearning material to facilitate student-teacher interactions online.



  • Small business innovation, speed, and flexibility combined with experience.

  • CMMI Level 3 appraised processes and Fortune 500 management experience.

  • Key successes in both research and production programs, facilitating high research to production technology transition.

  • Support across multiple Services, with a role on a wide range of MS&T.

  • Proficient with the development and management of large complex training systems and architectures.

Past Performance Highlights

  • The prime contractor on over 35 contracts, totaling over $30M in funded value and a subcontractor for numerous defense
    contractors with subcontract values totaling over $60M over the past 10 years.

  • Contract vehicles span DoD Services (Army, Air Force, and Navy) and major types (Fixed Price, Cost Plus, T&M, OTAs,
    BAAs, SBIRs, ID/IQs).

  • Programs of Record: Army CCTT, AVCATT, CDT, JLCCTC, OneSAF , SE Core, CPM Next, LVC IA; AF F35; Navy LCS, ERDE,

Analysing the Numbers