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Courseware Development

Learning application that relies on student input to determine order, pace, and remediation of instruction.


Mobile-learning is an implementation of e-learning using various mobile technology such as tablets and mobile phones. Benefits of mobile-learning include convenience and flexibility, easy access, support for remote training, support for different learning styles, and cost-effective training.

DoD Courseware Development

Dignitas is performing Government-funded research on intelligent tutoring systems. We are leveraging this research to develop interactive courseware for the Warfighter. Examples of interactive courseware development include military exercise simulations using VBS2 and a basic course on the operations of a hydraulic excavator.

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is an integrated software system that delivers, manages, tracks, and reports e-learning content. The LMS enables the instructor to deliver training content, monitor student progress, and assess student performance. The LMS can be a software application or web-based.


  • Courseware material for instructor-led classes and self-directed computer based training (CBT).

  • eLearning material to facilitate student-teacher interactions online