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Dignitas provides IT Services at all levels, from short term support on focused efforts, to complete infrastructure design, build-out, and ongoing maintenance. All Dignitas solutions are system-engineered to fit your needs now and in the future.


Legendary Infrastructure

Dignitas designs, implements, maintains, and modernizes IT Infrastructures for any purpose. Dignitas designs-in infrastructure health reporting, high availability, hands-off backups, modern and effective cybersecurity controls, and clearly documented system interfaces and growth paths. 

Automation Focused

Dignitas actively looks for automation opportunities within the IT solutions we work on. Dignitas builds everything from DevOps solutions for software development organizations to automated physical and virtual machine provisioning and management systems for business workloads.

Modernization Masters

Dignitas has a long, proven history of being leaders in modernization of legacy IT systems. Our modernization approaches result in little-to-no downtime, and we build whatever is needed to smoothly migrate data to the new systems.


  • Infrastructure Expertise

    Dignitas designs, implements, maintains, and modernizes IT infrastructures using a systems engineering approach. This approach allows us to find the best solutions for the situation, and results in reviewed, well-designed, well-documented, consistently-implemented, easy to monitor, and easy to maintain solutions.

    Dignitas leverages modern automation, provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance best practices when building (or maintaining) an infrastructure. This approach makes the infrastructure as a whole more consistent and more maintainable, while also enabling easier roll-out of future changes or expansions to the infrastructure.

  • Automation Focus

    Dignitas focuses on Automation in all the projects we are involved in. We run our own infrastructure and actively develop tools and methods internally for use by the industry. These efforts have included automating deployment, management, and active monitoring of physical and virtual machines for office environments and deployed systems; build, integration, source control, and development workflow automation for many disparate software development efforts; and design, acquisition, development, deployment, and maintenance of advanced tasking and asset management tools to-need. 

    Dignitas automation has solved the problems of tracking cybersecurity compliance and network/system monitoring and alerting, in addition to solving the unique issues each effort presents.

  • Modernization Mastery

    Dignitas is the company to call when your legacy infrastructure, development environment, or system needs to be modernized. We have moved many programs from aging, fragile, physical systems to highly available solutions with no perceptible downtime to the end user, with all relevant data migrated - even when data migration required building custom tools to do so. 


    We have modernized development environments, bringing in continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery DevOps concepts, improving the program’s ability to produce high quality products in a timely and tracked manner. 


    We have led the modernization of programs to bring them into a more cybersecurity-conscious world, by securing existing services, modernizing legacy ones, and integrating security practices into the program’s IT processes.


  • COVID-19 Agile Response

    We provide quick, optimized and secured IT solutions. We increase network speed and support remote access to enable staff to work from home with remote IT support.

    For more information on our COVID-19 Response, download our IT Services Flyer here.

  • Cyber Security

    We implement and execute numerous cyber security procedures and processes which help customers with Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance and Cyber-Security Capability Maturity Certification (CCMC). We provide InfoSec automation to efficiently integrate cyber security into various continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) DevOps pipelines.

    For more information on Dignitas' CMMC capabilities, visit our Cyber Solutions page.

  • Cyber Range Services

    We provide enterprise and site level IT services and security management of cyber ranges in support of customer cyber range operations. 



Anything from IT Staffing to full, turnkey infrastructures for any purpose, including help desk, on-call support, and high-availability / fault-tolerance built to need.

Contact our IT department at if interested in discussing our IT services.  

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