Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Compliance


The Dignitas IT team has taken vital steps to modernize and secure our IT systems to position ourselves for CMMC readiness. As a fellow small business, our IT team is available to help your organization achieve NIST 800-171 compliance, and eventually CMMC. We recognize that it can be a significant investment to change your IT infrastructure and toolsets, while simultaneously training staff on these changes. We are here to help.


  • Dignitas Can Help Your Business with IT Security Compliance

    Our services include:

    • Provide training on IT Security Compliance requirements and standards, including NIST 800-171, CMMC, CDI, CUI, CTI, Export Controlled, ITAR

    • Analyze and document current policies and IT infrastructure

    • Create an System Security Plan (SSP) 

    • Conduct a compliance analysis of IT infrastructure against CMMC and related standards

    • Analyze and summarize options for resolution of non-compliant elements

    • Determine best value solutions, at the CMMC Level desired, within budget and timeline

    • Design and specify a comprehensive plan for the target IT system

    • Document any deficiencies in a Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M)

    • Implement the target IT solution and migrate systems

    • Train staff on infrastructure and toolset updates

  • Funding Assistance through TABA Funds

    As a small business, when you pursue SBIR awards, you are eligible for Transition Assistance/Technical Assistance (TABA) funds if you request them with your proposal.  These funds can be used to pay a company such as Dignitas to assist your CMMC efforts.  The amounts vary by sponsoring agency, but range from $5000 in Phase I to $50,000 in Phase II.  Dignitas can guide you through the process of including a TABA request with your SBIR proposal.  New topics were released Aug 25, 2020!

  • Dignitas' IT Qualifications

    Dignitas' IT professionals have managed our IT infrastructure from the time of our founding in 2004, through several expansions and facility moves.  They have designed, implemented, and supported IT infrastructure modernization of our corporate services as well as several DoD M&S programs.  They understand the developing CMMC requirements and current industry best practices.



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