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Adaptive Learning Solutions

Modular, open-source framework for building, deploying, and managing adaptive training content.

Adaptive Learning

  • Individual and team training orchestrating resources according to unique learner needs

  • Adaptation of educational materials according to students’ needs based on questions asked, tasks, and experiences

  • Rule-based, machine learning as well as deep learning approaches to machine intelligence

Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT)

  • Computer-Based Training toolset and platform for the creation of intelligent and adaptive tutoring systems

  • Authoring of courses, managing instruction and assessing the effect of computer-based tutoring

  • Ability to interact with Machine Learning, deep learning, text mining, and predictive analytics

  • Ability to interact with external assessment engines and integrate with training applications

For more information, download the Information Sheet at the bottom of the page


Examples of how Dignitas Technologies has integrated adaptive learning capabilities

Collective Virtual Training

  • Individual or team training, consistent coaching, and performance assessment

  • PC-based virtual training applications

Marksmanship Training

  • Adaptable/Configurable Framework integrated with a marksmanship training system

  • Data collection sensors for adaptive learning include Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze, Steady Position, and Aiming

Intelligent AAR

  • Provides intelligent assistance and automation for After Action Review (AAR) content generation

  • Extensible framework usable in a variety of simulations across Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains



Product/ Services Available

  • Dignitas provides engineering services to integrate adaptive learning solutions with different training applications. Current use cases include Intelligent After Action Review, individual and team collective training tasks to include marksmanship and construction equipment virtual training tasks.

  • Specific engineering services include the development of new condition classes to add to reuse database, domain-specific authoring, interface with new LVCG training application, and research of new topics requiring technology maturation.