Adaptive Learning

  • Modular, open-source framework for building, deploying, and managing adaptive training content. 

  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems for LVC training, tutoring, and maintaining proficiency. 

  • Engineering services to integrate adaptive learning solutions with different training applications. 

  • Intelligent After Action Review, collective training tasks to include marksmanship, and construction equipment virtual training tasks. 



 Determines secondary effects and supports machine learning


Includes micro and macro adaptations to adjust to different proficiency levels


Organize learners together to conduct team training


  • Intelligent

    • Determine second order effects beyond simple rule based assessment.

    • Supports machine learning across learner state classification, pedagogical requests instructional strategy decisions to efficiently improve learning gains.

    • Utilize instructor in the loop pedagogical management and enhancements to intelligently recommended adaptations.

  • Adaptive 

    • Macro adaptations help plan and recommend next training experience for learners and instructors.

    • Micro adaptations provide real-time notifications and changes to active training.

    • Manipulate virtual training environments to alter the learner's experience.

    • Unique game master management and control of training and virtual environment scenario.

  • Team-Based

    • Organize learners together to conduct team training.

    • Assess the actions of individuals and teams across an organization.

    • Immediate notification of which learners are causing a team to under-perform.

    • Apply adaptations at the scenario, team, and individual levels during action.


  • Collective Virtual Training

    • Individual or team training, consistent coaching, and performance assessment.

    • PC-based virtual training applications.

  • Marksmanship Training

    • Adaptable/Configurable Framework integrated with a marksmanship training system.

    • Data collection sensors for adaptive learning include Breath Control, Trigger Squeeze, Steady Position, and Aiming.

  • Intelligent AAR

    • Provides intelligent assistance and automation for After Action Review (AAR) content generation.

    • Extensible framework usable in a variety of simulations across Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains.



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