Cyberspace Adversaries Tool


  • Intelligent Cyberspace Adversaries Tool Suite (ICATS) offers integration of cyberspace adversaries into LVC&G systems without cyberspace entity modeling capability

  • Enables staff training in a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) on the impact of cyberspace for both defensive and offensive actions

  • Provides automated forces to minimize low level cyber role playing for Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) training


OPFOR Intelligence

Provides intelligent cyberspace adversaries based on known Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)”

Cyberspace Attack/Defense

Intelligent cyberspace adversarial agents to conduct both offensive and defensive cyber actions.”


Cyberspace adversaries to operate over the cyberspace terrain from both LVC&G synthetic battlespace and cyber range emulations


  • OPFOR Intelligence

    • Provide semi-automated intelligent cyberspace adversaries to facilitate cyberspace based training in LVC&G systems

    • Provides an intelligent Opposing Forces (OPFOR) cyber capability analogous to Computer Generated Forces (CGF) automated maneuver forces

    • Provides an intelligent opposing cyberspace adversary that will conduct offensive and defensive actions against BLUFOR kinetic and cyberspace forces

  • Cyber Attacks/Defense

    • Adversaries plan attacks and defense at the top level and planning agent models decide what individual actions need to be accomplished

    • Adversaries have the ability to conduct cyber-attacks based on direct planning or to emulate known Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors

    • Provides intelligent adversaries for BLUFOR cyber defense forces to detect and defend facilitating the ability for BLUFOR trainees to conduct cyber defense as part of an LVC exercise.

    • Provides typical defensive responses to offensive cyber-attacks for BLUFOR forces

  • Integrate with Army LVC&G systems

    • Integrates with Army PEO STRI LVC&G systems by leveraging CyberBOSS

    • Interact with Cyber terrain across collection of LVC&G systems to support Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) based training


  • Automated Staff Training

    • Provides automated cyberspace OPFOR adversaries for BLUFOR cyber warfighter training

    • Cyberspace adversaries are goal driven to provide reactions to BLUFOR actions

  • Provide Recognized Threats

    • Goal based interactions are templated to specific approaches and tools to provide controlled training environment

    • Provides ability to mimic well known exploits and patterns to facilitate cyber warrior training

  • Provide Credible Cyber Opposing Forces

    • Enables the use of credible OPFOR cyberspace defensive tactics to provide interaction to BLUFOR offensive actions

    • Fields an intelligent, goal seeking OPFOR cyberspace offensive capability to provide credible threats for Staff and cyber warrior forces


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