• CyberBOSS provides cyberspace capabilities for LVC&G systems enabling Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) training

  • Provides a common view of the cyberspace terrain across different systems providing fair interactions

  • Correlates the cyberspace terrain between cyber ranges and LVC&G simulation systems expanding test and training potential for cyberspace training

  • Delegates cyberspace effects to the most appropriate model in the federation

  • Augments LVC&G systems without cyberspace models to expand potential training tasks

  • Working with the simulation industry to help drive cyberspace interoperability


Cyberspace Effects

Correlates cyber actions and effects across LVC&G systems

Data Models

Cyberspace Data Model common definition for events, actions, and states


Correlation between cyber range emulations and LVC&G synthetic battlespaces


  • Cyber Effects

    • Broker cyberspace actions and effects across LVC&G systems

    • Common representation of the cyberspace terrain that facilitates development of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) based training

    • Maintains a detailed description of cyberspace ground truth by consolidating cyberspace models from connected systems

    • Provides cyberspace management services to advertise cyberspace components and effects to comprise the cyberspace terrain

    • Provides services to conduct cyberspace actions and events

  • Cyber Data Model

    • Central server for all cyberspace events, actions and states

    • Implements a cyber data model (CDM) to provide a consolidated representation.

    • Uses JSON based data exchange model over ActiveMQ backbone to promote third party participation

    • Supports connection from external systems using CyberBOSS Interface Framework (CIF) to provide a client view of the cyber terrain

    • Facilitate third-party extensions and use of CyberBOSS ecosystem

  • Correlation

    • Correlation between cyber terrain and LVC&G synthetic battlespace representations

    • Supports correlation of cyber devices between multiple model types.

    • Cyberboss correlates effects across modeling domains to maintain consistent representation of cyber devices

    • Correlation of cyber data with cyber range simulation (CENTS)


  • Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Training

    • Enables cyberspace training in a staff training event to support MDO exercises

    • Low impact approach for correlated cyberspace effects and modeling across a system of systems federation for training

    • Common Operating Picture visualization of cyber devices and effects using our Ares product

  • Cyberspace Focused Exercises

    • Correlated operation between cyber range systems and live, virtual, constructive, and gaming systems in support of large cyber exercises

    • Interactions across the cyberspace domain and the kinetic modeling domain increase fidelity and accuracy of modeled battlespaces

  • Common Cyberspace Effects

    • Allows for a common cyberspace effect and device representation in a system of system federation of training devices

    • Brokering effects across multiple levels of resolution and security for the federation


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