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Virtual Reality Contract Awarded


Posted on October 28, 2009

Dignitas Technologies has been awarded a contract under a BAA entitled “Advanced Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training Systems”. Iowa State University (ISU) is the awarding contractor with RDECOM-STTC as the awarding government agency. This research effort for Advanced Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training Systems addresses the U.S. Army’s requirements for the research and development needed to create the Army’s Common Virtual Environment (CVE): the creation of new systems and the integration of existing software and hardware.

In particular, this effort focuses on exploring emerging interfaces and cutting-edge technologies to develop a prototype of a next-generation synthetic training environment called the Veldt. Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s science fiction short story by the same name, the Veldt shall support immersive graphics displays, tracking of individuals and devices, and hybrid reality to enable multiple warfighters to participate simultaneously in a mockup of an urban environment.

Dignitas Technologies, established in 2004, is dedicated to understanding customer Modeling, Simulation, & Training (MS&T) needs and providing specialized, architecture-centric, agile solutions. We specialize in system and software analysis, design, development, testing, and fielding of MS&T and mission rehearsal applications.

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