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Secure Modular Architecture for Ruggedized Technology (SMART)


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SMART provides an alternative open-source software (OSS) architecture for Portable Electronic Maintenance Aids (PEMA) to reduce maintenance burden and costs.

SMART provides a flexible, composable architecture to ease management of the various configurations of PEMA devices

  • Reduces time and cost of patching compared to current PEMA system

  • Increases automation for patching and control of PEMA systems in austere closed-network environments

  • Improves support for customized PEMA deployment to meet needs of Navy T/M/S programs

PEMA are used in direct support of weapon systems to perform maintenance, inspection, fault diagnosis, and repair tasks.

PEMA supports various Type/Model/ Series (T/M/S) aircraft as a common system but running numerous applications, some specific to certain T/M/S.


PEMA use the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (OS), and requires complex licensing processes and frequent patching.

YouTube video: SAS 2023 Dignitas Technologies Testimonial - YouTube


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