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Dignitas to Support Integration of OneSAF into COFT-SA


Posted on October 8, 2010

Dignitas Technologies has been awarded a subcontract to support prime contractor Oasis to support integration of OneSAF into the Conduct Of Fire Trainer – Situational Awareness (COFT-SA). The COFT-SA trainer duplicates the performance of the M2/M3A2 ODS-SA Bradley Fighting Vehicle so the crew can operate a BFV entity in a synthetic environment. The trainers will be used to train the Bradley Gunner and Commander in critical gunnery coordination skills required for direct fire engagements. Dignitas will provide support in modifying and integrating OneSAF to meet the training needs of the COFT-SA program. This effort leverages Dignitas’ extensive experience with OneSAF and CCTT to integrate a constructive SAF into a virtual training system.

Dignitas Technologies, established in 2004, is dedicated to understanding customer Modeling, Simulation, & Training (MS&T) needs and providing specialized, architecture-centric, agile solutions. We specialize in system and software analysis, design, development, testing, and fielding of MS&T and mission rehearsal applications.

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