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Dignitas Awarded Contract for Research in Ground Routing For Mobile Devices


Posted on February 1, 2012

Dignitas Technologies has been awarded a research contract to develop ground routing capabilities for small unit leaders using Android-based mobile devices. With this Natick (NSRDEC) contract, Dignitas Technologies will investigate and implement ground routing algorithms using a Layered Terrain Format (LTF) which consists of a high resolution geospatial database (representing terrain elevation and features such as buildings and trees). Dignitas engineers will leverage the existing Terrain Tactical Analysis (TTA) mobile app designed to provide a soldier with enhanced situational awareness and planning abilities on which to display ground routing result data.

Dignitas’ objective is to provide advanced decision making algorithms which will allow unit leaders to make informed routing decisions before and during an active mission context. In addition to avoiding obstacles and steep terrain, Dignitas’ ground routing algorithm will include factors such as soldier load (weight carried), the weight of the Soldier and modeling of exhaustion. The resulting algorithm will provide for small unit leaders similar capabilities to what MapQuest provides for civilian drivers.

Dignitas Technologies, established in 2004, is dedicated to understanding customer Modeling, Simulation, & Training (MS&T) needs and providing specialized, architecture-centric, agile solutions. We specialize in system and software analysis, design, development, testing, and fielding of MS&T and mission rehearsal applications.

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