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M9 Pistol

Model Specifications


The M9 Pistol weapon model can be used with any of the characters and with a set of animations (see the specific character and animations Model Description Documents for more information). The M9 Pistol weapon model can be attached to specific attach points on the character models. During runtime, weapons are attached and detached to the character model by the 3D visualization system. This model can be used with any visualization system that can import FBX or COLLADA formats.

The animations associated with this weapon are shown below:

  • Crawling (stowed)

  • Crouching (ready, fire)

  • Incapacitated

  • Killed

  • Kneeling (stowed, ready, fire)

  • Prone (stowed, fire)

  • Running (stowed, ready)

  • Standing (stowed, ready, fire)

  • Walking (stowed, ready, fire)

M9 Pistol Model Description Document

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