Ares Battlespace Visualization & Interaction Tool

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  • Ares improves battlefield visualization and decision making at the point of need through distributed collaboration for mission planning, rehearsal, command and control, after-action review, and training. 

  • Ares provides a 2D and 3D common operating picture and interaction tools via multiple modalities including physical sand tables, mobile devices, floor projection, and mixed and virtual reality HMDs. 



Flexible and lightweight visualization approach to improve decision making for coalition warfighters, disaster relief, first responders, and geospatial & survey teams. 


Facilitates distributed interactive events in support of collaborative activities such as mission planning, rehearsals, and training.


Connect with sandtable, floor projection, tactical planner app, and AR/VR/MR display. Used to plan, rehearse, and re-enact events, presentations, command and control exercises, collaborative training and more.


  • Floor Projection

    • Display battlespace information on floor surface creating a 2D virtual sand table

    • Visualize 3D model of floor projection using VR. This view can also display above surface assets

    • No size restrictions on floor projection​

  • Virtual and Mixed Reality

    • Use VR to enable individual or team collaboration, both locally and remotely

    • Use AR to augment sand table or floor projection experience by overlaying info allowing for layers to be shown above physical surface

  • Mobile Android Device-Tactical Planner

    • Display battlespace data in a 2D environment right on your android device

    • Tactical Planner app can be operated independently for stand-alone or remote collaboration

  • Sand Table Display

    • Traditional sand table augmented with technology improves visualization and understanding of the battlespace

    • Projection reacts to real-time changes in sand with changing visualization of map/topography

    • Configurable with tactical planner app, AR/VR/MR to enhance visualization features


  • Geospatial data 

  • Terrain models

  • Unit positions

  • Movement orders

  • Battlespace support assets data 

By combining all of these data sets into a single interactive visual tool, the users knowledge of the battlefield is significantly enhanced.




"Ares exceeded expectations and performed as intended. Soldiers quickly became comfortable with the technology and its capabilities. Operational orders and collaborative training processes were able to be demonstrated during an Army Experiment in 2019. Commanders indicated that the potential to brief and share plans virtually, while using augmented reality to manipulate the virtual environment demonstrated a marked increase in commander collaboration and reduced the logistical burden of communicating a plan to every leader involved."

- Battle Lab during an Army Experiment in 2019

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