Augmented and Virtual Reality Research for STE


Posted on  March 6th, 2017

The U.S. Army RDECOM ARL ATSD has awarded Dignitas Technologies a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) direct to Phase 2 contract to investigate next generation concepts in augmented and virtual reality in modeling and simulation (M&S). Our effort, entitled Software-centric Immersive Virtual Environment (SIVE), will build upon Dignitas’ SIVE testbed which has been incrementally developed over the last seven years to address diverse topics such as dynamic terrain, visualization, and virtual reality. 

Dignitas and subcontractor Lockheed Martin will work to develop advanced solutions for low-cost, small footprint simulators leveraging advanced human machine interfaces. This research will focus on addressing technology gaps identified by the Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) concept. Dignitas COO, Mr. Jon Watkins said, “Phase II will build upon Dignitas’ deep M&S experience combined with extensive research into next generation solutions. Based upon our role across a diverse array of Army programs of record we are uniquely positioned to understand the lessons-learned from existing simulation systems. This allows us to apply advanced research concepts based upon our work with PEO STRI and ATSD.” This is Dignitas’ first direct to Phase II SBIR award.

Dignitas Technologies, LLC, a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business, founded in 2004, is providing system and software engineering services for the modeling and simulation community with a mission to shape the future of simulation with innovative technology. Dignitas leads several Small Business Innovation Research projects and supports a wide range of large and small programs spanning the Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains across a diverse customer set. Dignitas has extensive experience and successful past performance in the development of key simulation systems and provides expertise in management, research, engineering, and programming.