Advanced Dynamic Feature Generation for RVS


Posted on October 27, 2010

Dignitas Technologies has been awarded a contract extension under the SE Core DVED contract vehicle to support development of advanced concepts for IED detection. Prime contractor CAE is coordinating this effort along with teammates LM and Rockwell Collins. This effort will develop technology to improve the CCTT/RVS program with enhancements to support IED detection training. Within this larger effort, Dignitas Technologies is focused on providing realistic, geospecific dynamic features through a technology called the “Procedural Geometry Engine” (PG Engine).

The PG engine concept was developed during a Phase I and Phase II SBIR with PEO-STRI, then leveraged to provide a solution to CCTT/RVS limitations with dynamic features. The PG Engine will enable creation of blended disturbed mounds with textures adapted from the surrounding environment, as well as exposed and buried ant trails that conform to the terrain skin. Current CCTT/RVS can only add new features through pre-defined (pre-built) visual models, but the PG engine concept allows visual models to be created on the fly such that the model’s geometry and textures match scenario- and geo-specific concepts.

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