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Environment Representation Data and Effects (ERDE) is a multi-service, multi-domain program supporting enhancement of weather in Modeling and Simulation. ERDE maintains the Environment Representation Testbed (ERTB) to conduct experiments and support transition.

The key underlying component of the ERTB is the Environment Data Cube Support System (EDCSS) which uses authoritative data sources to provide tailored, correlated weather scenario products.


  • Environment Representation Data & Effects (ERDE)

    • Realistic weather tailored to your scenario

    • Inject weather via data files or run-time updates

    • Active transition support

  • Research Testbed​​

  • Runtime Weather Updates

    • ​JSAF, VBS2, OneSAF 8.0+, NGTS

  • Cross Service Integration

    • Navy (FST), Air Force (WS-LVC, CAF DMO), and Army (OneSAF)

    • International (Canada, UK, Australia, through

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