3D Modeling

Dignitas develops 3D visual models for image generators, stealth systems, and 3D visualization tools. The 3D models include terrain features, vehicles, weapons, and characters. The 3D models are provided in multiple exchange formats used in visual systems including OpenFlight, COLLADA, and FBX. The character models include a set of postures, animations, and health states. Dignitas employs a cost effective 3D model development process which begins with understanding customer and user requirements, the generation of models to the required level of fidelity, and testing the models in the target environment. Throughout the process the customer and users are encouraged to review the products to ensure the models will meet their needs. Our proven established procedures ensure that we develop quality models for our customer.


ARES is a traditional sand table augmented with a COTS projector, LCD monitor, laptop and voice and gesture sensors. The projected image overlay updates based on sand terrain features, and can display dynamic scenario entities to represent tactical sand table exercises. Gestural control is being integrated to optimize user interaction,k providing a simplistic, naturalistic interface for enhanced training experiences.


Our research and development with Virtual and Augmented Reality head set technologies range from point of need simulators to military planning and war-gaming sand tables.  We developed a lightweight, low cost construction equipment simulator with VR to provide a fully immersive environment.


C-nergy is a test tool framework that provides a user-friendly environment for both manual inspection and automated testing of terrain databases. C-nergy runs on both Windows and Linux 32/64 bit processors. C-nergy allows developers to readily add new database formats, new tests, and to readily import or export test results for integration with other systems and toolsets. The tool supports inspection via two formats: side-by-side (with linked camera view) or overlaid mode (where one is wireframe) to allow differences in datasets to be visually apparent.


Dignitas develops low cost interactive courseware for a wide range of users ranging from academia, to the Department of Defense, and commercial users. The courseware runs on desktop and mobile devices and is customizable to meet your training requirements.


Dignitas Technologies provides customized simulators to train your operators in a realistic and safe environment. We leverage our expertise and years of experience developing simulation training systems for the US Military, along with the US Military’s investment in training and simulation technology, to deliver cost effective training solutions that meet your training requirements. Our simulators range from simple desktop trainers to motion-based trainers with fully functional cabs. Our product line includes construction and railroad maintenance equipment trainers.

Weather for M&S

Environment Representation Data and Effects (ERDE) is a multi-service, multi-domain program supporting enhancement of weather in Modeling and Simulation. ERDE maintains the Environment Representation Testbed (ERTB) to conduct experiments and support transition.

The key underlying component of the ERTB is the Environment Data Cube Support System (EDCSS) which uses authoritative data sources to provide tailored, correlated weather scenario products.


Dignitas provides visualization products for the modeling and simulation industry including the Veritas 2D/3D Viewer and the Veritas Model Viewer (VMV). The Veritas 2D / 3D Viewer provides visualization of simulation events. The viewer runs on Windows or Linux and has been integrated with Army modeling and simulation common components such as OneSAF, SE Core models, and DIS/V-DIS and CTIA protocols. The Veritas Model Viewer (VMV) provide capability to view static 3D models such as buildings, vegetation, moving models such as vehicles and obstacles, and 3D life form models and animations.