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Mixed Reality & Simulations

Integrated mixed reality solutions for individual & collective training, simulation, and mission rehearsal.

Ares Battlespace Visualization Tool

Dignitas distributed interactive visualization tool enable real-time collaborative training, mission planning, briefing, command and control, and after-action review.

Uses Microsoft's HoloLens. Once connected to a server, it can be used to display and interact with a physical or virtual sand table through the use of gestures.

Can also be used to augment the physical sand table and floor projection experience by overlaying information which allows for layers shown at a height that is above the physical surface.

Virtual Simulators

Dignitas develops reconfigurable, individual and collective, ground and air vehicle, training simulators such as the Army's M1A2 System Enhancement Package (SEP) v2, M2A3, and Stryker solutions. Our virtual simulator solutions also include vehicle maintenance and construction equipment trainers.


Construction Equipment Trainers

Our construction equipment virtual simulator trainers are developed to train operators on a wide range of equipment including the excavator, backhoe, and bulldozer. Our trainers provide realistic soil dynamics and physics-based interactions between the soil and construction equipment buckets, blades, tracks, and wheels. Operators can safely learn and practice construction equipment operations in all types of environments and weather conditions.

Railroad Maintenance Equipment Trainers

Dignitas provides realistic training simulators for railroad maintenance equipment customized to meet the requirements of the railroad industry. The backhoe trainer enables operators to become familiar with backhoe operations, understand and apply safety rules and procedures, learn and practice cross tie replacement and other backhoe operations. The track hoe trainer teaches operator safety, equipment familiarization, and track hoe operations such as mounting and dismounting rail cars, moving end gates, and unloading ties.