GIFT is an empirically-based, service-oriented framework of tools, methods and standards to make it easier to author computer-based intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), automatically manage instruction and evaluate the effect of ITSs, ITS components and methodologies. GIFT is being developed under the Adaptive Training Science & Technology project at the Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Environments (LITE) Laboratory, part of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory - Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED).


GIFT is based on adaptive instruction, a learner-centric teaching process that changes feedback, direction, and content based on each learner’s needs. Adaptive instruction has been shown to accelerate learning, increase retention, and transfer skills more easily from training to the operational environment. LITE Lab has over 20 collaborative research projects in adaptive instructional science which contribute empirical results to the GIFT baseline each year. GIFT currently has nearly 1200 registered users in 54 countries and it is freely available at:

The GIFT User's Course will focus on the practical use of the GIFT authoring tools; participants will learn how to develop adaptive instruction using GIFT. The result of GIFT authoring is an exportable Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) that guides instruction with or without human instructors. Participants will learn how to adapt instructional decisions by the tutor based on learner attributes, content attributes, and best instructional practices.

The User's Course targets current and future GIFT users who develop training and education for the Army, act as subject matter experts, instruct Army personnel, or conduct training and educational research. GIFT can be used as a standalone instructional tool or by a human instructor in the classroom. GIFT reduces the time and expertise needed to develop effective ITSs.

In addition to the GIFT authoring process, participants will learn about individual learner and team modeling, instructional management principles, domain modeling, evaluation tools and methods, and the basics of the GIFT architecture. Participants will get a sneak peek at prototype GIFT tools and methods, and also learn about planned future capabilities.

GIFT is supported by a community of users, developers, and research. Given this context, participation includes opportunities to provide feedback on how GIFT might help your organization and future GIFT releases. During the course, we facilitate a discussion that explores user needs, software improvements, and other GIFT development topics. We also conduct market surveys for features and improvements. 

GIFT User's Course is $575.00 per student to attend. Participants will also need to cover their travel, per diem, and hotel costs if applicable.