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Cyber Training

Broker cyber effects between cyber ranges and M&S systems to provide opposing force behaviors.

Cyber Battlefield Operating System Simulation (CyberBOSS)

  • CyberBOSS is a flexible ecosystem that facilitates incorporation of cyber for all training through correlation between simulation and cyber range tools.

  • Train Battlestaff by integration into Army Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) modeling and simulation systems.

  • Provide a central cyber effects model and controller that is extensible, accessible and transparent.

  • Defines an internal common Cyber Data Model (CDM) for cyber-attacks and cyber control.

  • Cyber range integration via Metova' s CyberCENTS environment supporting cyber for cyber training.

Intelligent Cyber Adversaries Tool Suite (ICATS)

  • ICATS provides an Intelligent Opposing Forces (OPFOR) capability analogous to Computer Generated Forces (CGF) automated maneuver forces

  • Simulates/emulates cyber attacks in the LVC environment using intelligent agents

  • Provides an intelligent adversary for BLU cyber defense forces to detect and defend against

  • Provide typical responses to cyber attacks from BLU forces

  • Leverages CyberBOSS services to integrate with a wide variety of LVC systems

  • Leverages MITRE's ATT&CK and CALDERA Research