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3D Modeling

  • The 3D models include terrain features, vehicles, weapons, and characters.  

  • Dignitas' visual models are developed for image generators, stealth systems, and 3D visualization tools.  

  • The 3D models are provided in multiple exchange formats used in visual systems including OpenFlight, COLLADA, and FBX.  

  • The character models include a set of postures, animations, and health states. 

  • Dignitas employs a cost-effective 3D model development process which begins with understanding customer and user requirements, the generation of models to the required level of fidelity, and testing the models in the target environment.  

  • Throughout the process, the customer and users are encouraged to review the products to ensure the models will meet their needs.  

  • Our proven established procedures ensure that we develop quality models for our customer. 

  • To see our 3D models, select one of the catalog links below. 




Fully customizable 3D models tailored to meet the needs of the customer



 High fidelity models created to directly mimic real-life objects



3D Models provided in various formats for a wide range of visual systems


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